News, 25.02.2021

An ideal companion

Craft beer has met with unparalleled success around the world. It is mainly produced by small breweries by hand with a great deal of care. Beers like this belong in classy and sustainable glass – for example, the Steinweg beer, for which Vetropack Gostomel produces exceptional bottles.

Steinweg is a small, dedicated brewery in Ukraine. The Steinweg beer glass is the visual expression of the drink it was created for – original and highly unique, it gives hints of the small factory atmosphere and steampunk influences. Both a retro style and progressive way of thinking are captured in its unusual design.

The brewers chose brown glass for the 0.6-litre glass capable of holding a pint, providing their frothy, delicious drink with the best protection against potentially harmful light. The sealed screw cap is particularly eye-catching and user-friendly, making the glass an ideal companion for a trip. With this collaboration, Steinweg and Vetropack Gostomel have shown that even something as everyday and seemingly perfected as a beer bottle can be spectacularly reimagined.