News, 11.02.2021

Based on gentian

The Zurich start-up company Gents has taken the high-end bar scene by storm with its tonic water. As of this year, the aesthetic 0.2-litre white glass bottles that the cult drink is served in have been produced by Vetropack Austria in Pöchlarn.

Tonic water is one of the most popular bitter lemonades. It is considered to be particularly classy, so it is no surprise that trendy young entrepreneurs keep trying to make an even better tonic water – an aim that the start-up company Gents from Zurich has certainly achieved. The recipe for its tonic is based on its knowledge of the culinary arts and herbs gained over the years. Swiss ingredients such as beet sugar and gentian harvested in the Jura with special authorisation are also used. The great yellow gentian – Gentiana lutea – also gave the company its name.

The bottles in which Gents offers its drinks are produced by Vetropack Austria in Pöchlarn. The straight neck and gently curving shoulders show the products in the 0.2-litre white glass bottle in the best light. There are now many other varieties in addition to the classic tonic such as Gents Swiss Roots Ginger or Gents Swiss Craft Ginger.