News, 17.02.2020

Comprehensive overhaul

Badel 1862 from Zagreb is the largest and oldest producer of wine and spirits in Croatia. It has recently completed a thorough overhaul of two of its brands – Vigor Vodka and Sax Gin – and the new bottles for these brands are being produced by Vetropack Straža.

Vigor Vodka and Sax Gin have undergone a thorough facelift. In this process, the composition of the ingredients was modified with the help of professional bartenders and mixologists in order to properly meet the needs of the market. Alongside this, the bottles were redesigned and adjusted to global trends on the market.

The bottles’ design is truly eye-catching, from its shape to its cap, right the way through to its labelling. The vodka and gin bottles are both made of white glass and produced in two sizes: 700 ml and 1,000 ml. The gin bottle is striking because of its solid, square shape. The specialists at Vetropack’s Straža plant invested a lot of time in the design work and testing. For the transparent labels (the so-called "no label look"), the glass bottle must be perfect.

The new products are the result of carefully thought-out optimisation measures with the goal of offering the market attractive and modern products of the highest quality. For more than 28 years, Vigor Vodka has been the first choice amongst consumers in Croatia. For production, distillation and ice filtration, Badel 1862 adopts internationally recognised standards. Alongside Vigor Vodka Original, two new flavours have arrived on the market: Vigor Citrus and Vigor Wild Berry, two fruity vodka varieties with no added sugar which meet the demand for natural food products.