News, 14.04.2020

Fresh appearance

The philosophy of the Lithuanian brand Stumbras Vodka is based on a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation. The 500 ml bottle is used exclusively for “Klasikine Vodka”. The producer is Vetropack Gostomel.

Remarkable things are often simple. Following this thought, the bottle of “Klasikine Vodka” from Stumbras factory was given a regular shape with smooth, simple lines in an emerald green colour, which reflects the naturalness of the product very well. The logo and slogan of the brand are embossed on both sides of the bottle, emphasizing the uniqueness of the glass packaging. The original design is completed by a screw cap, which makes the bottle modern and functional.

As the largest and oldest producer of spirits in the Baltic Sea region, Stumbras factory remains true to the unique recipes of the 19th century. The products are made from natural ingredients such as wheat, rye and potatoes. The use of advanced technologies allows the old classics to be tasted in a new way.