News, 10.06.2021

Health and safety of the worker at the heart of the company's priorities

Trezzano sul Naviglio, 10 June 2021 - Vetropack Italia has introduced a new strategy that revolutionizes the concept of health and safety at work.

On 4 May 2021, the company management invited all employees to take part in a series of workshops designed to promote and boost a higher level of physical, mental and social wellbeing among workers. During the day, work risk prevention, information and training activities took place.

The expression <safety at work> refers to a set of ideal conditions of health, safety and well-being that can be achieved through the adoption of appropriate preventive and protective measures, to be taken continuously to make workplaces healthy and safe. Only the observance of these measures leads to a reduction in exposure to work-related risks. For this reason, every single employee has been called upon to familiarize themselves with new operational, behavioral and management logics.

This new safety strategy has four objectives: to achieve operational excellence; to ensure knowledge, skills and awareness to reach targets; to involve and empower individuals; to govern the 'system' ensuring continuous improvement. The consequences of this new approach will be tangible and will improve the company's ecosystem: from the environment to the quality of production as well as of the system.

Putting the health and safety of the worker at the heart of the company's priorities, especially at a time of global pandemic, has generated such gratitude and enthusiasm that Vetropack Italia is considering further events to be dedicated to the same subject.

Sergio Antoci, General Manager of Vetropack Italia: "Organizing a day dedicated to employee health and safety in a 2021 still governed by the Covid-19 pandemic was a brave choice but one I would make again without hesitation. Participation in the various workshops took place in small groups and in total safety, thanks to the observance and respect of the rules.

Vetropack Italia was the first company in the Vetropack Group to organize a day entirely dedicated to safety at work - a fundamental issue to which the company is focusing its attention and resources. Participation was very high and the enthusiasm of the participants underlined the common ideals.

Vetropack Group and Vetropack Italia will continue to work to ensure that every single worker is increasingly aware, responsible and ready to contribute not only to ensuring their own safety but also to safeguarding that of others".