News, 14.07.2022

Vetropack is supporting employees in Ukraine

Vetropack has set up a foundation to provide targeted support to colleagues in Ukraine. Everyone is welcome to pay into this, with donations going directly to the employees affected in Ukraine. Donations collected from employees between now and the end of September will be doubled by Vetropack.

The foundation is our way of trying to do what we can to support our colleagues in Ukraine. Anyone can now make donations for our Ukrainian colleagues via the foundation account (Stiftung Drei Könige des Rotary-Club Zürcher Unterland). Those living in Switzerland can include their donation in their annual tax return. Donations will then be forwarded to the Vetropack Gostomel foundation set up by Vetropack. The management committee for the fund is coordinating how it is paid out in close collaboration with the local team. 

Employees, business partners, and clients can make direct payments to the foundation using the bank details below: 

Name: Stiftung Drei Könige des Rotary-Club Zürcher Unterland 
IBAN: CH36 0070 0352 4815 3223 0
Transfer purpose: Donation for Vetropack Ukraine

This foundation is also benefiting from donations already collected from Vetropack employees over previous weeks and months in countries like Italy and the Republic of Moldova. Vetropack will donate a further CHF 10,000 in connection with the “Bike to Work” campaign. For each of the nearly 10,000 km that employees have ridden to work under this nationwide campaign in Switzerland, Vetropack is donating one Swiss franc. 

In recent months, Vetropack has already collected a number of donations, in collaboration with the Austrian charity Johanniter Unfall-Hilfe, to support the employees concerned and then doubled the payments in question. This money has been used to support Ukrainian colleagues arriving in Austria. 

People living in Austria can continue donating via the account of the Austrian charity Johanniter Unfall-Hilfe. Money arriving in this account is used exclusively for Vetropack’s UKRAINE campaign. It is also reported directly to the tax office and automatically included in employees’ tax assessment for 2022. 

Austria: via 
IBAN: AT62 2011 1283 5056 5602
Full name of account: Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe in Österreich 
Transfer purpose: Donation for Vetropack Ukraine